How Much Will You Pay to Solve a Problem?

This is a concept which came to light a number of years ago as I tried to mitigate my impulse buying.

I have a weakness for bags, and gadgets, and it was pointed out to me that perhaps I had enough of both. Now… We all know that’s not possible, but it got me thinking. I thought I should take a more deliberate approach to this issue, be smarter about my shopping, and try to buy the right item the first time. Now… We all know that’s not possible, but I was, and am, convinced that trying to get it right, rather than buying stuff on the spur of the moment, is a more effective solution. I have, more or less, eliminated the urge to buy stuff just because it looks interesting. I am also a bit of a design freak, so I do sometimes buy things which just looks interesting (Did I split that semantic hair too thin?).

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My Mountain Lion Upgrade Experience

My Mountain Lion Upgrade Experience

I thought I’d try and do this on day one, Thursday, 25 July, 2012, just for something to do. I’ve always waited a few days before doing OS X upgrades to give others a chance to find the pitfalls for me. This time I thought I’d take point.

The Hardware

2011 Mac Mini, i7, 8G RAM, 750G Seagate Momentus XT

The Experience

Mid-morning I tried to access the upgrade from the App Store, and was greeted by a failure message followed by a second message explaining that the service was unavailable, and I should try again later. I figured this might happen, so I wasn’t at all perturbed. I tried periodically for the rest of the day until I finally got a successful connection mid afternoon. I hit the Caffeine icon in my menu bar just in case, and went off to do some other stuff. The download, which initially predicted 34 minutes, took a couple of hours. Still, I expected this, so really no disappointment. After the initial download some scripts ran, there was at least one reboot (not sure… I went out), and everything came back seemingly as before.

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OS X Lion on an older, early 2008, black, 13 inch, MacBook, and Performance Issues Solved

I have recently been fighting with OS X Lion regarding performance on my older, early 2008, black, 13 inch MacBook (2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4G RAM upgraded from the stock 2G, and a 500G WD Scorpio Black 7200 RPM drive upgraded from the stock 256G 5400 RPM drive.).  The only change was the upgrade to Lion.

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