My Mountain Lion Upgrade Experience

My Mountain Lion Upgrade Experience

I thought I’d try and do this on day one, Thursday, 25 July, 2012, just for something to do. I’ve always waited a few days before doing OS X upgrades to give others a chance to find the pitfalls for me. This time I thought I’d take point.

The Hardware

2011 Mac Mini, i7, 8G RAM, 750G Seagate Momentus XT

The Experience

Mid-morning I tried to access the upgrade from the App Store, and was greeted by a failure message followed by a second message explaining that the service was unavailable, and I should try again later. I figured this might happen, so I wasn’t at all perturbed. I tried periodically for the rest of the day until I finally got a successful connection mid afternoon. I hit the Caffeine icon in my menu bar just in case, and went off to do some other stuff. The download, which initially predicted 34 minutes, took a couple of hours. Still, I expected this, so really no disappointment. After the initial download some scripts ran, there was at least one reboot (not sure… I went out), and everything came back seemingly as before.

The Hiccups

After the OS update, there were a few apps which needed updating. Specifically the iWork apps now integrate iCloud storage, but I didn’t have those notices until after I had Mountain Lion running. A couple of other apps posted updates during the day, but nothing significant.

The Appleness

There has been much chatter in the Blogosphere lately, especially after Microsoft’s announcements of their upcoming Surface Tablet, over the difference between Microsoft and Apple as far as announcements are concerned. The gist is that Microsoft, and others to be sure, will announce what they’re working on, whereas Apple will just work away in secrecy until they have the product ready to go. Well… Calling you out, Apple, on the Facebook integration. See that tiny little grey print which says “Facebook integration coming this fall.”? Hah!

I was a bit nervous about Gatekeeper, fearing it might prevent certain of my more interesting apps from running. No worries, and I was even pleasantly surprised to find there’s an ad hoc override, so I can leave Gatekeeper in default mode. You can find these settings in the System Preferences app under the “General” tab of “Security & Privacy”

Gatekeeper Preferences Pane