Moleskine Pen Holder

I’ve been pondering for a while how to add a pen holder to my Moleskine plain page Reporter notebook. I had a vague idea of the approach I wanted to use, so I was half-way there. Yesterday I got the urge to do a search, and found a lot of entries – to my surprise – but they all miss the mark. I want a simple design, non-destructive, with a minimal impact to the book itself, and with zero impact to the size of the book. After all, what’s the point of getting a small book to put in your pocket, and then adding bulk to it. Let’s face it, even the Reporters aren’t that small. Anyway…

If you don’t want to measure this out manually, I recommend laying it out using OpenOffice, and exporting as a PDF. Point of that is Acrobat Reader will let you print at 100% scale, and the excess is just trimmed. OO doesn’t seem to scale that well.


  1. Cut the above shape out of some stiff paper, or thin card
  2. Tuck the big tab into the pocket on the inside of the back cover of the Moleskine
  3. Fold the horizontal strip round between the back of the card and the back cover
  4. Insert your favourite pen close to the Moleskine, and pull the tab until the pen is held snugly
  5. If desired, trim the excess from the opposite side of the Moleskine

The pressure of the closed book should keep the pen loop in place. If you like, you can glue the loop in place, but then you can’t use a different size pen so easily.

QED – Non-destructive, simple, zero impact on size!
(If you put the book, and the pen in your pocket it’s the same size with, or without the pen holder, less the thickness of the card you use. I call that zero size difference 😉