Different Loadouts for Different Days

What the heck am I talking about? Well… Let’s start with some clarification of the term, just so we’re all on the same page:

From urbandictionary.com:

Equipment, ammunition, tools, and clothing used by a person (typically on active duty in the armed forces).

Loadouts can change depending on time of day, season, terrain, and personal preference.

Related to my article about the amount you might spend to solve a problem this idea fell out of my search for the perfect bag. I cannot find one, by the way. I have been looking for a long time, and there’s no such thing. When I was in university I had the perfect bag. Turns out I just had the perfect bag for me in university. And, it only seemed that way because I was doing the exact same thing every day for a number of years. Now I perform a number of different activities. I might be walking around, stopping in coffee shops, writing, researching, photographing, etc. I might be doing a show and tell for a client, or prospective client. I might be at a client’s location trying to solve a problem for them. I might be travelling for a client for one of a number purposes. Each of those activities requires a different loadout, and, for the variety of loadouts I have, I use a few different bags.

My Every Day Loadout

This is what I have on me all the time. Sometimes I think of this as my stealth loadout.

What I keep in my pants pockets.

My Show and Tell Loadout

This is what I usually take to client meetings.

In my bag for show and tell

My Networking Loadout

I never want to get caught out missing a tool, or the right connection.

My bag for networking

Did I mention that I consider my car to be one of my bags in some circumstances.