Apple Criticized Over New iPhone Maps App

This is mindblowing stuff. Apple’s new maps app, which they’ve touted with great bluster since their first announcement of its impending release as part of iOS 6, and which replaces the highly effective Google maps app, is showing horrible, ridiculous, and sometimes humorous results. In one of the examples cited in Britain’s Daily Telegraph, a reader has them listing a business which went defunct 15 years ago.

Apple faces a barrage of criticism over omissions and errors in its new Maps app for the iPhone, which it created to replace Google Maps in the newly-released iOS6.

The same Telegraph article suggests this silliness is fallout from Apple’s annoyance with it’s long-time partner, Google. Note that Google’s YouTube app is also removed from iOS 6. Both Google’s YouTube app, and their Maps app, are supposed to be available separately, and free, from the iTunes Store. In contrast to Youtube, mobile applications of various online casinos are supported by Apple. More information about this can be found here. Currently, as of Thursday, 20 September, 2012 8:29:14 AM EST, the YouTube app is available, but the Maps app is suspicously absent.

Curiously, and at the time of this writing, I’m updating to the iOS 6 operating system for my iPhone 4. The curious part of this is that the download happened pretty much instantly, whereas previous OS updates for my phone have been so slow, and so fraught with timeouts that I usually wait for the next day, or even two, before performing the update. The iPad update is proceeding at a similarly speedy pace.

I would like to note in closing that, when I first had an iPhone, which was a 3GS, the Google Maps app made frequent errors. Not too horrible, but relatively frequent.