Moleskine Pen Holder

I’ve been pondering for a while how to add a pen holder to my Moleskine plain page Reporter notebook. I had a vague idea of the approach I wanted to use, so I was half-way there. Yesterday I got the urge to do a search, and found a lot of entries – to my surprise – but they all miss the mark. I want a simple design, non-destructive, with a minimal impact to the book itself, and with zero impact to the size of the book. After all, what’s the point of getting a small book to put in your pocket, and then adding bulk to it. Let’s face it, even the Reporters aren’t that small. Anyway…

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Indexing and Organizing a Moleskine Notebook

Indexing and Organizing a Moleskine Notebook

(This actually applies to almost any notebook)

The motivation for this comes from not wanting to waste space in my notebook, but wanting to be able to easily find related notes from the past.

You know you never finish even one thought in one sitting, right?

This comes from a programming concept called “threading”

The concept is this: The last piece of data in a block of data is actually the directions to find the next piece of data in that block. So… If the size of each piece of data is limited — in this case a page — when you get near the end of the allotted piece of data, you insert, as the last piece of information, where to find the next part of the piece of data.

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Incoming search terms:

  • adding pages to a molrskine notebook

Google Buys Sparrow Email App: A Trojan Horse for Google+?

Sparrow Defunct!

Wow! I’m miffed. I just purchased this, and now it’s abandoned. I’m torn as to whether I should continue using Sparrow, or not.

It’s not all bad news. Part of my motivation for using Sparrow was that the native Mail app in OS X, after the Lion upgrade, was a massive memory hog, and slowed down my entire computer. After the Mountain Lion upgrade, Mail seems to have slimmed down a ton. Performance is no longer such an issue… so far.

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My Mountain Lion Upgrade Experience

My Mountain Lion Upgrade Experience

I thought I’d try and do this on day one, Thursday, 25 July, 2012, just for something to do. I’ve always waited a few days before doing OS X upgrades to give others a chance to find the pitfalls for me. This time I thought I’d take point.

The Hardware

2011 Mac Mini, i7, 8G RAM, 750G Seagate Momentus XT

The Experience

Mid-morning I tried to access the upgrade from the App Store, and was greeted by a failure message followed by a second message explaining that the service was unavailable, and I should try again later. I figured this might happen, so I wasn’t at all perturbed. I tried periodically for the rest of the day until I finally got a successful connection mid afternoon. I hit the Caffeine icon in my menu bar just in case, and went off to do some other stuff. The download, which initially predicted 34 minutes, took a couple of hours. Still, I expected this, so really no disappointment. After the initial download some scripts ran, there was at least one reboot (not sure… I went out), and everything came back seemingly as before.

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Productivity Principles – What is it, why do I care, and how do I get some?

This will be the first in a series of articles about productivity, incorporating what I’ve learned in thirty years of business experience.Firstly I believe it’s important we understand that what most people call Productivity with a capital ‘P’ is really time management, and time management has been written about and taught in a formal way for a long time. Continue reading