How to Transfer Your Stuff to a New (Apple) Device

Here’s the issue in general:

You have a new iOS device (iPhone, or iPad), and you want to make it just like the old iOS device you’re replacing. I have personally tested this process with iPhones and iPads on a Mac, but the theory should apply to Windows as well, and probably to iPods as well.

Here’s the specific situation you find yourself in:

You have a new device, and you want, or need to turn it on right away. If, for example, you go to the phone company’s store, and buy a new iPhone, or iPad, and you have them stick in a new SIM card because your old phone uses a different SIM card, you can now use the new phone immediately, and your old phone should not be turned on again, as the phone number now routes to the new SIM card in the new phone.
Now… You go home, plug your new phone into your computer to synchronize it with iTunes. iTunes will say that it’s detected a new phone, and ask you if you want to treat it as a new phone, or synchronize/restore it from a previous phone. This will most likely be the old phone you just replaced, as it should have been the last one you synched with iTunes.

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How I Think Apple Screwed Up the iPad Mini Design

Two days ago, Apple introduced a new, smaller iPad, the iPad Mini. It is my considered opinion that they screwed up, and for that I’m grateful. It means my purchase of a Nexus 7 two weeks ago was not a mistake.

So… What is it I think they got wrong? There’s the price! But, if I was looking for another expensive Apple product that integrated flawlessly with my existing hardware ecosystem, the iPad mini might be a good choice. I have a 10" iPad for that, though. The big thing that I think they got wrong is the size. It may fit in your hand well, and it may fit in a medium sized purse, or a coat pocket, but it does not fit in many sports coat, or suit jacket inside pocket, and it does not fit in my pants’ back pocket. The new iPad Mini is just too wide, and the Nexus 7 is exactly right.

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Apple Criticized Over New iPhone Maps App

This is mindblowing stuff. Apple’s new maps app, which they’ve touted with great bluster since their first announcement of its impending release as part of iOS 6, and which replaces the highly effective Google maps app, is showing horrible, ridiculous, and sometimes humorous results. In one of the examples cited in Britain’s Daily Telegraph, a reader has them listing a business which went defunct 15 years ago.

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iPhone 5 New Features

The iPhone 5 is a relatively solid update to the 4S, but there’s not much revolutionary from a user’s point of view, except perhaps the improved battery life. Here’s a quick rundown of what is new:

  • It’s thinner, longer, and lighter
  • Faster Apple A6 processor
  • LTE connection speed, if your carrier suports it, and tweaked wifi
  • Longer screen, giving a proper 16×9 (widescreen) layout, and room for an extra row of icons on the launcher. Width of the screen remains the same.
  • New connector (re-purchase all your accessories)
  • New headset (EarPods)
  • New aluminum case. No more glass back.
  • Better camera front, and back
  • Better battery life
  • Prices are the same
  • Oh, yeah… iOS 6

Click here for the official Apple page on the new iPhone.